Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to live in Madison to participate?

  • No, due to the online format of this program, you do not have to live in Madison, but you must have some connection to Madison, whether it be a familial tie, friend connection, etc. As public health guidelines begin permitting in-person group events, Madison residents will be able to more fully participate than those living in other areas.

Can I sign up to participate in a single event or are the events only for people participating in the full program?

  • Upon signing up for a session, you will be required to participate in at least one Zoom call, and contribute at least one post to the "What's Cooking?," "What's Growing?" or Facebook blog. If you intend to participate at least once during one or more of the three sessions, please check off those sessions that apply in the "Become a participant" form.

If I sign up to participate, what exactly am I committing to? Do I need to attend all sessions?

  • As a participant, you will receive email notifications about upcoming Zoom conferences, in-person events, etc. and you will be eligible to receive vouchers to local businesses to buy fresh foods and share with others how you implemented them in your cooking. You will also be able to contribute to the cookbook which will be published in late August.
  • You can sign up for a session and only participate in a single event, as long as you also contribute at least one post to one of the blogs.

I’m starting my first garden, will participating help me learn to garden?

  • Yes! This program is designed to have an educational component. You will learn not only from the experts leading Zoom conferences, but also from fellow participants.

I'm an experienced gardener and/or cook. What's in it for me? 

  • You'll have exposure and access to the range of experts leading our Zoom conferences, as well as a community to exchange ideas and impart your knowledge. Regardless of experience level, participation in SGS will allow you to more fully understand and benefit from our local food system.

Program Benefits

  • opportunity to meet new people in Madison, share your story, document your gardening and cooking activities this summer
  • receive vouchers to local farms
  • contribute to a cookbook