The cookbooks are here!


How to contribute:

  1. Choose a recipe calling for particular vegetables purchased at the Madison Farmers Market, directly from a local farmer, or grown in your home garden, demonstrate how to prepare the dish and document how it turned out logo

  2. Share the recipe along with pictures from (or illustrations of) the preparation and serving of the meal with descriptions explaining the recipe’s significance logo

  3. We will add it to a cookbook to be sold in downtown Madison; proceeds will be put towards a fund that will sustain the program in future summers

If you are interested in contributing to this cookbook, please sign up as a participant or leader.


More details:

Recipe Criteria

  • Calls for an ingredient that can be locally sourced and/or grown in a home garden 
  • Entirely original, adapted from an already published recipe, or a family tradition 
    • Recipe categories:
      • Surf and Stream- (includes seafood recipes and recipes calling for stream fish, such as trout) ex. Seafood chowder recipe
      • Sunshine- (includes recipes that pack a punch, are colorful, and summery) ex. Lemon bars or gazpacho 
      • Cozy Cottage- (includes wintery recipes for comfort and warmth) 
      • Woodland Wonders- (includes recipes calling for mushrooms and other ingredients that can be foraged) ex. Mushroom quiche 
      • Farm favorites- (includes any recipe calling for ingredients that can be grown on a farm) ex. Zucchini fritters, goats cheese salad, strawberry shortcake 

      What to Include in Recipe Submission

      • Your name (anonymous if preferred) and where you are from (town and state)
      • Dish title: the name of your creation
      • 200-400 word description of the recipe (this could include why you love the recipe, a memory associated with this recipe, the recipes’ connection to Madison and the shoreline, and/or how you developed an interest in gardening/cooking)
      • Two photos (if possible): PNG, quality 720 or above
        • One of you (or of something that represents you)
        • One of your completed dish
      • The ingredients: amount and preparation style (ex. chopped), listed in order of use
      • The recipe: broken into ordered steps with tips along the way, if need be